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March 2019
Urban engagement pays off 
Metropolises attract attention. But it is small and medium-sized towns that play the biggest role in the lives of most people ? it is in these towns that they find schools and hospitals, public authorities and markets. However, it is precisely these towns that are experiencing difficulties: they are growing rapidly, have little power or resources, their authorities lack expertise, their economy investors. It is hardly surprising that there are not enough jobs and infrastructure, and that mountains of waste and dissatisfaction grow. Continue reading and see how Helvetas is tackling some of these issues.
Small & medium-sized towns ? an untapped potential for inclusive development? 
Small and medium sized towns
What role do small and medium-sized towns play for connecting rural and urban areas? How can they contribute to a more effective and equitable regional development? Learn more.
Town and country strike a deal 
Town and country strike a deal
Many people move from the countryside to the city when they see no future in their villages. But the city often also lacks jobs. If city and country pull together, innovative businesses can emerge that pave the way out of poverty. Continue.
The proud garbage collector ladies of Villazón 
Bin women
Where cities are growing, waste is, too. This waste is detrimental to health and the environment. In Bolivia, 20 small towns are confronting this challenge head-on. The result: good services and proud garbage collectors. Read more.
Know-how and skills for young tradespeople 
Know-How and Skills for Young Tradespeople
How can big cities like Bahir Dar in Ethiopia cope with the large influx of young people from the countryside who lack training opportunities? Find out here.
Our latest publications 
How to go organic - organic cotton sourcing guide
Enhancing climate resilience in semi-arid regions in Ethiopia
ETH Zürich
Mark your calendars and meet us 
ETH Zürich

NADEL course Urbanization: Opportunity or Challenge for Fighting Poverty? with Helvetas lecturers Craig Hatcher and Kaspar Schmidt. 


Jesper Lauridsen participates in the CIVICUS International Civil Society Week (ICSW) in Belgrade, Serbia.

Market Systems Symposium

The dynamic Market Systems Symposium explores latest practice and research in market systems development globally with Helvetas attendees Matthias Herr, Muamer Niksic, Tim Sparkman, Zenebe B.  Uraguchi and Niklaus Waldvogel.

SDC Gender Net

Agnieszka Kroskowska co-organizes and facilitates the SDC-Gender Equality Network Global Face to Face 2019 in Bern, Switzerland.

Aguasan Workshop Advancing the Human Right to Water and Sanitation through Inclusive Business Approaches with Samir Adriano, Than Htike Aung, Lucien Blaser, Valérie Cavin, Laurent Sinaré and Eriky Ny Aina Rakotoharimanana.
Global Happiness

Our brand-new exhibition GLOBAL HAPPINESS goes in search of happiness ? in Switzerland and across the world. What could "sustainable happiness" look like? Come by and have a look.