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June 2019
Shaping our future with the Youth 
Today?s young generation is the largest the world has ever known. Out of the 1.3 billion young people worldwide, 85% live in developing countries.
Young people are a tremendous and essential asset, but also a possible threat when denied access to labor markets, services and decision-making processes. Read how Helvetas connects young people across cultural borders and helps create inclusive societies with opportunities for youth.
Crossing boundaries 
Crossing Boundaries
How can prejudices between different ethnic communities in post-war countries be overcome? Focusing on young people can bridge deep divides, promote mutual exchange and understanding. Learn more
Leading youth out of unemployment 
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Thanks to the opportunity group approach, young people in remote areas in Kosovo find a way into wage- or self-employment. Learn more about this successful approach
Economic prospects for peace and stability 
Young people who see opportunities for themselves and their families can make a constructive contribution to improving their society. Read how such favorable preconditions can be achieved
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Who has a say in assessing the impacts of climate change? 
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How come only a minority of early career scientists are involved in the IPCC 6th assessment report process? And why are some countries that are highly affected by climate change deeply under-represented in the UN?s related engagement? Find out here
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Capability statement 
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We are experts on youth employment. See for yourself
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ETH Zürich
Blue Schools - Linking WASH in schools and environmental education and practice
Mark your calendars and meet us 
Join the interactive livestream of the Global Meeting on Migration and Development "Cities as Drivers for Sustainable Development". It allows you to learn in digital sessions. Riff Fullan, Cesar Robles and Claudia Paixao will attend the event. Register here.
World Water Week
Soraya Kohler, Isabel Baier, Bernita Doornbos and Sophie Nguyen Khoa Man will participate in the World Water Week: Water, ecosystems and human development. 25 to 30 August in Stockholm, Sweden.
Africa Symposium
Every year 12 million young people in Africa enter into the labor market. Economic development is dynamic in many regions, but not yet sufficient to enable everyone to find a job. At the Helvetas Symposium, we discuss what is needed to drive youth-inclusive economic growth.