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October 2019
Multiple Approaches for Inclusive Development 
This issue of Highlights focuses on how a market systems development approach and an inclusive systems mindset can bring about positive change at a global and local level in the agriculture sector. The issue explores various success stories. It brings to the fore learnings from the Symposium: "Enterprising Africa" and the Market Systems Symposium of 2019.
Organic vs Conventional Farming - which is better for the Planet? 
Crossing Boundaries
To meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDCs) by 2030, we need to change our agricultural practices. Eleven international experts, including Frank Eyhorn, argue that organic farming can drive sustainability in global agriculture to meet the SDGs. Read the summary by Frank Eyhorn
Enterprising Africa: Leading into an ongoing Dialogue 
Africa Symposium
The Symposium organized by Helvetas: "Enterprising Africa" highlighted issues and pointed towards positive action. Ndidi Nwuneli and Kizito Okechukwu spoke about the power and perspectives of youth and economic development within Africa. Learn more
Small Farmers build a Strategy for their Future 
In Burkina Faso, almost 80 per cent of the population depends on agriculture for a living. But this does not ensure a stable income for many families. A well-thought-out strategy when put into practice can make a difference. Franca Roiatti provides an insight into the cluster approach used in the PAPEA project. Find out more about this new project
Enhancing Water Productivity by using a "Push-Pull-Policy" Approach 
Unsustainable use of water is becoming a huge problem. The innovative push-pull-policy approach addresses this issue by involving all stakeholders in promoting better agricultural practices, creating financial incentives to use them and improving governance to sustain them. Learn more about the innovative approach
New on our Blog 
Market Systems Thinker Bild
Am I (really) a Market Systems Thinker? It is easier said than done.  It is easy to get caught up in the daily and lose motivation. Zenebe Uraguchi shares his experience and the 10 takeaways from the Market Systems Symposium 2019.
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Our latest Publications 
Rural Livelihood Development Programme - Programme Management for Market Systems Development Approaches
Mark your Calendars and meet us 
Are you attending the 32nd Annual ALNAP Meeting? Martin Dietz, Senior Advisor Market Systems Development, will be moderating a breakout session. Learn more about this event
Riff Fullan and Franz Thiel will participate in the 2019 Knowledge Management and Entreprise Solutions Conference in Washington DC, USA, 4 to 7 November. Click here to register
K4SD Conference
Martin Dietz and Gorana Radovanovic from Helvetas Serbia will present a paper on Building Effective Knowledge Systems for Better Public Policies at the 2019 Global Development Conference in Bonn, Germany, from 23 to 25 October. Registration for the event is still open