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»Excited to share with you the first edition of Helvetas Highlights
»Ethiopia: Water and sanitation for all
»Kosovo: Youth employment
»Global: Women?s political empowerment
»Tanzania: Women?s economic empowerment
»Kyrgyzstan: Community-based tourism
»Global: Monitoring and evaluation
»Pakistan: Reducing water use
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Excited to share with you the first edition of Helvetas Highlights 
Dear Reader,
We at Helvetas are launching a quarterly newsletter to inform you of the highlights of the work we?re doing around the globe.
To mark International Women's Day, this first edition focuses on gender and social equity. This is a transversal theme, present in everything that we do ? working with men and women in the pursuit of social, economic, and political empowerment.
  • Our study from Pakistan explores the differential gender impacts of water saving practices for rice cultivation.

  • In rural Kyrgyzstan ? an area marked by high male migration ? our report outlines how women have collaborated with Swiss partners to develop community-based tourism.

  • And in Ethiopia, we learned what happens when men collaborate in the pursuit for gender equality.
Today, millions of women elected representatives continue to face barriers, small and large, so we have highlighted common approaches that help empower women in varied contexts. We?re also excited to share our approach to monitoring and evaluation that has helped in enforcing accountability, encouraging learning, and steering our work toward strong results.
You?re receiving this update ? the first of four you?ll get this year ? because you?ve been in touch with me or with one of my colleagues. We value your feedback, and look forward to staying in touch!

  Rupa Mukerji
  Co-Head of Advisory Services
  Member of the Management Board

Ethiopia: Water and sanitation for all
Couples working together for gender equality 
When men become stakeholders in the empowerment of women, things change for the better. Access and management of services like water and sanitation are improved, and the resulting harmony becomes a building block for progress.
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Kosovo: Youth employment
Preparing for work? in front of the TV? 
Bild PunPun
In Kosovo, we?re using unconventional ways to trigger youth employment, like a reality television show. The winners leave with jobs, and the audience gets concrete suggestions for preparing for the job market (from their couch!)
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Global: Women?s political empowerment
Empowering women in community leadership and political participation 
Empowering Women Bild Link
?Particularly in villages, women are afraid to speak in public and to run in elections.? But this isn?t always the case. What lessons can we learn from women ? from Guatemala to Bangladesh ? who have found political empowerment?
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Tanzania: Women?s economic empowerment
Mainstreaming women?s needs in market systems projects 
Tanzania Bild
"My wife does not depend on me anymore to buy some household expenses. She is more entrepreneurial and can afford to buy her own things?" How, you ask?
Read more here to find out
Kyrgyzstan: Community-based tourism
Earning good money at home 
Kyrgyztan Bild
In rural Kyrgyzstan ? an area marked by high male migration ? women have collaborated with Swiss partners to develop community-based tourism. Strong cultural pride mixed with a little business planning can go a long way!
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Global: Monitoring and evaluation
M&E made easy 
M&E Bild
Monitoring and reporting is a challenge, especially when you?re based in a remote location. This video centres on how our partners and collaborators across the globe have tackled this while shaping a common, robust M&E system.
Watch the six-minute video here
Pakistan: Reducing water use
Will new rice production technologies help women? 
Pakistan Bild
Thousands of women work in blazing hot rice fields across Pakistan during planting season. New technologies promise to reduce the use of water in production, and might also render this hard labour obsolete. Is this good news?
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Building back better in Nepal: prioritising disadvantaged individuals for training
? by Jane Carter
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Blog Bild 3
Embracing and managing aid-intensity through diffusion of commercial services
? by Zenebe Uraguchi
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Blog Bild 1
A woman?s work is never done: Addressing unpaid care work
? by Sarah Byrne
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Blog Bild 4
How water treatment and safe storage system worked better in remote areas of Nepal
? by Zenebe Uraguchi
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