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»Inspiring Action on World Environment Day
»Nepal: Managing Water Use at the Local Level
»India: Sustainable Rice Production
»Global: Climate Change and Agriculture
»Mali, Myanmar: Natural Resources & Conflict
»Nepal: Riverbed Farming
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»Albania: Integrated Waste Management
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Inspiring Action on World Environment Day 
Dear Reader,
What will you do to mark World Environment Day today? How will you inspire others to protect our earth? Will you plant a tree? March in a parade? Join a clean-up campaign?
At Helvetas, we continue to work toward environmentally friendly and sustainable resource use through projects like these:
  • In India and Thailand, we?ve teamed with environmentally-sensitive private enterprises to create a model for converting conventional rice production to sustainable organic farming.

  • We?ve outlined adaptation measures for farmers to increase productivity and strengthen resilience in the face of climate change.

  • In Mali, we have proven that conflict transformation measures are required for effective resource management, as climate change and unclear land rights lead to conflicts.
We hope that the examples in our newsletter will help to inspire action on World Environment Day and beyond. And however you decide to celebrate today, we at Helvetas wish you lots of fun and great success!

  Remo Gesů
  Co-Head International Programmes
  & Member of the Management Board

Nepal: Managing Water Use at the Local Level
Efficiency & Effectiveness:
Water Use Master Plan (WUMP)
Bild WUMP Link
A comprehensive new assessment of value for money found the WUMP to be an economically efficient and effective approach to managing water resources at the local level. How?
Read more here to find out
India: Sustainable Rice Production
Organic Farming Systems Help Smallholders Optimize Resource Use 
REC India Link
The Coop Organic and Fair Trade Rice Project helps smallholders in a big way. Through organic practices like enriched irrigation, closing of nutrient cycles and crop diversification, natural resources are optimized and livelihoods improved. Learn more here
Global: Climate Change and Agriculture
Famers Cope with Climate Change 
Climate Change Link
?On this plot, we used to cultivate rice. Today, we can only cultivate sorghum, a crop that adapts to drier conditions.? (farmer in Mali)
In Helvetas partner countries, how do farmers adapt to a changing climate?
Read more here
Mali, Myanmar: Natural Resources & Conflict
Decreasing Violence,
Increasing Impact
Mali Natural Resources Bild
In many ways, natural resource management is conflict management. Thanks to an analysis of our experiences in many countries, we?ve learned how Helvetas interventions can help deescalate these conflicts.
Read more here
Nepal: Riverbed Farming
Increasing Household Incomes,
Down by the River
Riverbed Farming Nepal
Riverbed farming provides land-poor or landless families with access to fertile riverbeds during the dry season. Check out how they can improve food security and increase income via this remarkable method of vegetable cultivation.
Read more here
Discover our blog 
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Albania: Integrated Waste Management
Wasting Resources?
Or Resourcing Waste?
Albania Bild
An increase in waste is leading to an increase in problems for many cities around the world. But, some municipalities are turning these problems into solutions.
Learn how integrated waste management led to better public services for citizens in Albania.
Read more here
Mark your calendars and meet us! 
Our Skills Development and Education team will participate in the FoBBIZ theme series ?Quality and Professionalism of Staff Working in Vocational Education and Training?
13 June 2017 at Pädagogische Hochschule in Zurich, Switzerland
Sophie Nguyen Khoa Man, Soraya Kohler and Daya Moser will take part in the Water Team Days of the RésEAU.
22-23 June 2017 in Berne, Switzerland
Get in touch with Sophie , Soraya and Daya
The Skills Development and Education team will participate at the Annual Swiss Development Cooperation Conference 2017 of SDC.
23 June 2017 at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland
Global Forum
Pascal Fendrich and Basanta Kumar Karki will take part in the Global Forum on Migration & Development Civil Society Days. 
28 June 2017 ? 1 July 2017 in Berlin, Germany
Get in touch with Pascal and Basanta
Aguasan Logo
Martin de Castillo, Laurent Sinaré, Bal Mukunda Kunwar and Valérie Cavin will participate at the Aguasan Workshop.
26-30 June 2017 in Spiez, Switzerland
Get in touch with Laurent , Bal Mukunda and Valérie
Nicole Clot will take part in the Learning Event Swiss NGO DRR Platform: Making climate change tangible for strategic adaptation planning - The Climate Corridor Approach.
29 June 2017 in Bern, Switzerland
Contact Nicole on
Swiss Water and Sanitation Consortium
Monique Gbaguidi, Daya Moser and Madan Bhatta will participate at the Expert Consultation Workshop on Blue Schools.
17-22 July 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya
Get in touch with Monique and Daya
EADI Conference
Katrin Rosenberg will take part in the EADI Nordic Conference 2017 Globalisation at the Crossroads ? Rethinking Inequalities and Boundaries.
20 - 23 August 2017 in Bergen, Norway
Contact Katrin on
Sophie Nguyen Khoa Man, Soraya Kohler and Gisela Keller will participate at the Stockholm World Water Week (SWWW).
27 August 2017 to 1 September 2017, in Stockholm, Sweden

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