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»Scaling up Climate Actions
»Bolivia/Bangladesh/Ethiopia: Resilience
»Global/Nepal: Climate Change and Market Systems
»Global: Training Modules
»Global/Bonn: Helvetas at UN Climate Change Conference
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»Global/Mali/Peru: Climate policy
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Scaling up Climate Actions 
Dear Reader,
Here in Bonn at the 23rd UN Climate Change Conference ? COP23 ? stakeholders from 198 countries have gathered to advance the objectives of the Paris Agreement and build a more resilient future. For over two decades now, we at Helvetas have been actively contributing to the practical application of what science tells us about climate change, helping individuals and governments safeguard development from its adverse impacts.
In this issue we share some of our experiences. Helvetas? strategy addresses both current risks from climate and disasters and builds resilience to future threats. Agriculture is central to both development and climate policies. Several of our projects address the multiple objectives of food security, adaptation to a changing climate and mitigation of the factors that contribute to climate change from agriculture.
We also share some of our very useful training modules in this issue. One of our key skills is to bring together multiple actors - private sector, governments, researchers and farmers for collective action. We shared this strategy at our COP 23 side event yesterday, and are pleased to share an update with those of you who aren?t in Bonn? hot off the press!

  Rupa Mukerji
  Co-Head of Advisory Services
  Member of the Management Board

Bolivia/Bangladesh/Ethiopia: Resilience
From Risk to Resilience 
?Resilience? is the capacity to recover from a shock or disturbance. As a concept, it?s helped break down silos between the disaster and development communities, while promoting multi-disciplinary interventions across sectors. Explore how resilience is reflected in our work here. 
Global/Nepal: Climate Change and Market Systems
Addressing Climate Risks and Vulnerabilities:

A Market Systems Approach
Helvetas has developed a comprehensive guide to support businesses to systematically identify market impacts, and assess potential risks and opportunities brought on by climate change.
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Global: Training Modules
Dive in! Manage DRM through Sustainable Land Management 
Training Module 1
We?re happy to share 10 training modules on Sustainable Land Management with you. Interested? There?s no use waiting. Start with Module 1: Get familiar with key concepts and delve into an overview of related international frameworks right here. 
Global/Bonn: Helvetas at UN Climate Change Conference
Joining Forces for Sustainable Food Systems in a changing Climate 
Kirgistan Wasser
Climate change acutely impacts global water systems, with severe repercussions on food systems. Water productivity and agro- biodiversity are vital resources to address these challenges. How can multi-stakeholder partnerships foster good agricultural practices to enhance water and food security in a changing climate?
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Discover our blog 
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Global/Mali/Peru: Climate policy
Inextricably Linked:

Climate and Development Policies
Peru Bild
The devastating impacts of climate change ? especially on the world?s poorest ? are clear. Evidence has been mounting for 30 years. So, what can we do? Click here to learn how thoughtful climate and development policies can be mutually reinforcing at local, national and global levels.
Mark your calendars and meet us! 
VCB-N Value Chain Building Network
Lua Huong, Luong Pham, Thuy Vu and Riff Fullan will participate in the annual review and planning meeting of Value-chain Capacity Building Network. 28 ? 29 November 2017 in Delhi, India.
Swiss NGO
Eveline Studer will co-facilitate the Webinar on DRR and CCA Basics for Mainstreaming based on the new ?E-Learning Course on DRR & CCA? developed by the Swiss NGO DRR Platform. 30 November 2017, Switzerland.
Logo DC dVET
Maïga Rosaline Dacko will take part in the DC dVET Regional Workshop West Africa 29 November to 1 December 2017 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
Eveline Studer and Sophie Nguyen will co-facilitate the Annual F2F-workshop of the Swiss NGO DRR Platform.  Grey, green or hybrid? The potential of nature-based solutions for DRR. 6 ? 8 December 2017 at ABZ Spiez, Switzerland.
Raphael Dischl, Rupa Mukerji and Firiehiwot Yibeltal will participate at the Learning Roundtable on Resilience, Hunger and Poverty. 7 ? 8 December in Dublin, Ireland.
Katharina Walker will take part in the FoBBIZ Themenreihe 1. 2 on the topic ?Förderung von Qualität und Professionalität des Berufsbildungspersonals im Rahmen der internationalen Zusammenarbeit." 18 December 2017, EHB Zollikofen, Switzerland.
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